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on a turnkey basis

Sign up for a free consultation and get a list of the best UAE banks to open a company quickly
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We inform you in detail at every step of the procedure
Comprehensive business support in the Emirates
Open a business
in the UAE without leaving Russia
Has your business fallen on hard times?
Can't work with foreign
The best solution is to open or relocate a company in the UAE
Income falls amid sanctions?
Are you worried that your foreign currency assets in Russia will be frozen?
Enter the international market and take your business to the next level
Several reasons to open a company in the United Arab Emirates
The UAE is a country where foreign investment is valued and sought after like nowhere else.
International (including Russian) investors in the Emirates are attracted by the simple and quick procedure for registering companies, loyal taxation systems, a stable exchange rate, and the complete absence of inflation.
Both you and your team members receive a UAE residence permit and tax residency status
Simple residence permit
The best conditions for trade with almost all continents
The world's largest hub for trade and business
The fixed exchange rate has been strictly regulated by the government for decades
No inflation
Collaborate with partners
anywhere in the world without fear of sanctions
Active international
Lack of currency control by banks makes it even easier to do business
Loyal conditions of capital deposit and withdrawal
The UAE jurisdiction is considered one of the most trustworthy in the world
Minimum taxes
Top international
Prestigious jurisdiction
Preferential taxation.
VAT is only 5%,
other taxes are practically non-existent
Work with the best professionals in different business areas
UAE tax resident status protects against data transfer to other states
Confidentiality tax transactions
Business in the Emirates is a whole new opportunity!
Business with partners from all over the world without any currency restrictions
Unlimited access to any international venue, including Europe, USA and Canada
Free import of goods to Russia as well as CIS countries
Ability to do business in the Emirates from anywhere in the world
Cryptocurrency transactions on UAE bank accounts
Fast residence permit in the Emirates for a period from 2 to 10 years
Fill out the form and sign up for a free consultation on starting and running a business in the Emirates
Our team
  • Oksana Alderova
    Head of Legal Department
  • Kristina Alieva
    Managing Partner
  • Polina Suvorova
    Leading real estate expert in UAE and Turkey
  • Maria Mereshko
    Expert in the field of accounting and taxation
  • Julia Borisenko
    Professional translator
  • Tatiana Korobkova
    Head of Customer Care Services
  • Elena Petrenko
    Marketing and technical support
  • Demet Ayaydin
    Head of Customer Care Services in Turkey
Press about us
The United Arab Emirates is a young, dynamically developing state, which is ideal not only for comfortable...
The United Arab Emirates is a young, dynamically developing state, which is ideal not only for comfortable...
The United Arab Emirates is a young, dynamically developing state, which is ideal not only for comfortable...
Choose your type of company in Dubai
This format allows for free trade both
with companies from the UAE, as well as with any foreign partners (provided you open an office in the mainland). There are no restrictions
on the minimum authorized capital, the number of visas to be opened, as well as the ownership of real estate in the Emirates.
in the Emirates. Another plus is the opportunity to participate
in government tenders. There are no restrictions on the types of activities.

Taxation peculiarities:
Owners of local companies are obliged to pay VAT
at the rate of 5% only when doing business in the UAE domestic market.
An ideal solution for entrepreneurs wishing to do business without territorial restrictions - both in the UAE and outside the UAE worldwide.
Local company
The peculiarity of such companies is that they allow trading inside free economic zones,
as well as outside the Emirates. The office of the firm can be located only inside the selected economic zone. All the nuances (allowed activities, the size of the authorized capital, the peculiarities of office location) depend on the conditions of each particular freezone.

Taxation peculiarities:
When trading with foreign partners, as well as inside the selected free economic zone, you do not need to pay taxes. The conditions of most freezones also provide additional benefits.
The best choice for entrepreneurs planning to do business inside one of the free economic zones,
as well as with partners from other countries.
Onshore Company
Get a roadmap for registering your business in the UAE
We'll offer several commercial proposals
your choice
We'll analyze all the opportunities
and risks of your business
Develop the most effective
business strategy
What services are included in the opening of the company
- Selection of jurisdiction.
- Approval and registration of the company name with the relevant authorities.
- Approval of activities.
- Obtaining an establishment card.
- Making a deposit.
- Approval in emigration.
- Receipt of the memorandum.
- Selecting and obtaining a legal address.
- Making a seal.
- Obtaining an immigration card.
- Services of personal manager and interpreter.
Opening a local
- Selection of freezone
- Approval and registration of the company name with the relevant authorities.
- Approval of activities.
- Obtaining the establishment card.
- Registration in emigration.
- Selecting and obtaining a legal address.
- Making a seal.
- Obtaining an immigration card.
- Services of personal manager and interpreter.
Company formation
in Freeson
Starting a business in Dubai: 7 easy steps
You fill out an application form on our website and we get back to you as quickly as we can.
Our legal counsel analyzes your situation and advises you on all matters related to starting a business in the UAE.
We sign a contract, having previously agreed on all the terms and conditions
Our legal advisors do everything you need to open your company.
You choose a bank with optimal conditions for you, after which we prepare a package of documents and register the bank account.
Once the company has been incorporated, we hand over the full set of documents to you.
If necessary, we provide additional services to support your business.
Invest in UAE real estate from AED 2 million and get a resident visa for up to 10 years.
Visa and residence permit
Our clients are:
Individuals who have faced various problems in the UAE;
Private individuals
Investors who see the UAE as a promising country for capital investment.
Entrepreneurs who have decided to change jurisdiction or go international;
Why we are trusted
Operating in the international legal services market since 2012, we have already helped hundreds of Russians to legalize, open and scale their own businesses in the UAE. Our team consists of more than 30 highly qualified professionals who do their best every day to take your business to the next level.
Our prices
Detailed consultation on starting and scaling a business
from 300$
Obtaining a resident visa
and necessary documents
from 800$
Opening an account with a selected bank in the UAE
from 1000$
Registration and opening of a company
Additional services: save up to 30%
from 250$
Detailed consultation on starting and scaling a business
By opening a company in the UAE with us, you get the opportunity to save up to 30% on additional services.
from 550$
Technical support for business
from 350$
Legal advice, financial consulting
from 250$
Registration of licenses and certificates for your business
from 550$
Marketing services
from 4350$
Turnkey company registration
from 450$
Nominee director for your company
from 850$
Obtaining a residence permit for you and your employees
from 300$
Office rental in the UAE (physical, virtual)
from 250$
Professional translation services
from 350$
Search and verification of real estate in Emirates
from 550$
Opening of accounts in UAE banks (for individuals and legal entities)
How to pay
Payment with cryptocurrencies
For your convenience, we offer several payment methods to choose from:
Payment by bank card
Payment via QR code
Transfer to bank account
Business in the UAE in questions and answers
In order to register your own business in the UAE, you need to choose the type of activity, license, form of legal entity, as well as the format of the office. After preparing the package of documents, all that remains is to pay the government fees and open an account with the bank of your choice.
What our customers are saying
Anna Dyatlova
We used the services in August last year. Very much liked the service and support of the manager at all stages of account and company opening. The response was almost instantaneous, a manager named Tatiana contacted me literally in 10-15 minutes after filling out a form on the website. Now the business is slowly growing and developing. Thank you for your care and quality legal services!
Evgeny Kunitsyn
My history of cooperation with Easy Partners began almost a year ago, in August 2022. I had an idea to register a company in one of the freezones and open a corporate account to receive transfers from counterparties in foreign currency. Business partners who had already opened an account in a UAE bank with the help of lawyers from this company advised me to contact them for a consultation. Already at the first meeting the lawyer gave me all the information I was interested in and advised me to choose three banks in the Emirates with optimal service conditions for me.
The process of registration and legalization of my company in the Emirates took less than a month. I am very grateful to the staff of Easy Partners for all-round support and assistance literally at every stage. Another plus for me is the help with registration of residence permit and all documents, as well as renting an office in the Emirates. Thank you also for the services of an accountant and a translator, without you the whole process would have been much more complicated.
Dmitry Malyshev
Our team had been nurturing the idea of opening a company in the Emirates for several years. Unfortunately, doing business in another country is ALWAYS full of nuances and pitfalls. We are very lucky: we are our Easy Partners, who made the whole procedure of opening a company in Dubai as fast as possible, as well as simple and painless. First of all, I would like to say thank you for the fact that even at the consultation stage Easy Partners helped us to clearly understand what we needed and how it might look in practice. The whole process took about three weeks, during which time our personal manager stayed in touch with us almost every day.
Tatiana Melikhova
I have been doing business in the UAE (specifically Dubai) for over 4 years. Not so long ago I needed to find a new Russian-speaking accountant and tax consultant. On the advice of my acquaintances, I turned to Easy Partners... and I have not regretted it. Very decent customer service, reasonable prices by local standards, competent accountants and lawyers. Thank you very much, we will cooperate further!
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+ 90 531 5295360

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